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Scion XB Camera Car

Our 2015 SCion XB has been modified to move your camera at fast speeds.  We have added a Vibration Isolator and shock dampening arm to the car as well.  The Isolator Arm is ready for any Gimbal from Movi Pro and DJI, from the Ronin up to the Ronin 2!  With this setup you can get smooth shots while driving.  This system can carry any Gimbal and Camera combination up to 65lbs.  The car is also wired with HD-SDI cable so each operator can view what ever the camera is seeing on a 4K Atomos recording monitor mounted at each passenger seat.  Not including the driver this car can transport the Director, D.P and 1st AC in air condition comfort.  A long range wireless video transmitter can be mounted to the car as well.

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